Buddha Chitta Mala Size 10
Rs. 7000
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📿 Buddha Chitta Garland Set of 10 for Three Garlands

  • 🌸 Material and Design: Crafted with Buddha Chitta beads, these garlands are designed for spiritual and aesthetic appeal.

  • 🔢 Set of 10: With 10 beads in the set, you have enough to create three unique and meaningful garlands.

  • 📏 Size 10: Each bead is size 10, providing a balance between a substantial presence and ease of use.

  • 🕉️ Spiritual Significance: Buddha Chitta beads are often associated with positive energy, making these garlands not just accessories but also meaningful symbols.

  • 🌈 Customization: Get creative with your garlands, combining colors and arrangements to suit your personal style or spiritual practices.

  • 🎁 Perfect for Gifts: These garlands make thoughtful and spiritual gifts for friends, family, or fellow practitioners.

Create an aura of tranquility with Buddha Chitta Garlands. 📿🕉️

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