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Affiliate Program Agreement

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This is a contract between you (Affiliate) and us (Invest for Nepal Pvt. Ltd. Or IFN). It describes how we will work together and other aspects of our business relationship.

The Affiliate Program Agreement applies to all participation in our "Affiliate Program" by registering through Affiliate Partner Page. These terms are so important that we cannot have you participate in our Affiliate Program unless you agree to them.

We periodically update these terms. We might also choose to replace these terms entirely if, for example, the Affiliate Program changes, ends, or becomes part of an existing program, including our partner programs. If you do not agree to the update or replacement, you can choose to terminate the agreement as described below.

        I.            Definitions

·         "IFN Products" refers to IFN Landing Page Builder.

·         "We", "us", "our", and "IFN" refer to the IFN company.

·         "You" and "Affiliate" indicate the individual or entity participating in the affiliate program but are not IFN.

·         IFN Affiliates: All stakeholders, including influencers, freelancers, bloggers, experts, etc., who want to promote and sell through IFN in their own way.

·         Affiliate Link: The unique tracking link you place on your site or promote through other channels.

·         Affiliate Lead: A customer prospect who clicks on the Affiliate Link that we have made available to you via the Affiliate Dashboard.

·         Affiliate Dashboard: The tool that we make available to you upon your acceptance into the Affiliate Program and for you to use to participate in, and track your referrals & commissions.

·         Agreement: This Marketing Affiliate Program Agreement and all materials referred to or linked to here.

·         Commission and Share: An amount described on the Program Policies Page for each Customer Transaction.

·         Qualifying Purchase and Customer: When someone uses your unique referral link and buys IFN product within a set timeframe (without refunds).

·         Referral: Essentially, a successful affiliate lead that resulted in a purchase.

·         Customer Transactions: Transactions you'll earn a commission on as described in the agreement.

·         Balance: The commission you've earned but haven't been paid yet. It's the total commissions minus any applicable deductions or fees.

·         IFN Content: All the digital content (like text, images, videos) that IFN incorporates into their services.

·         IFN Products: Refers specifically to their Landing Page Builder.

       II.            Affiliate Acceptance Process:

1.       Applying to IFN:

·         You submit your application through a specified form.

·         IFN reviews the application.

·         They might request more details, fill out questionnaires, or even certifications.

·         If there's no response from IFN within 30 days, assume your application was not accepted.

2.       Communication from IFN:

·         Once an affiliate, IFN will communicate offers via email or other methods.

·         If the affiliate doesn't respond within 30 days, IFN assumes the offer is declined.

    III.            Key Points:

1.       Being contacted by IFN:

·         Offers communicated via email or other means.

·         If no reply within 30 days, the offer is considered rejected.

2.       Affiliate Acceptance

·         Once accepted or verified, the agreement's terms and platform policy are in effect.

·         Approved affiliates get access to a dashboard with a unique link for promotion.

3.       Rule for Affiliate links:

·         Links are strictly for tracking purposes.

·         Affiliate Marketing Materials:

Once approved, affiliates get access to IFN marketing materials.

    IV.            Affiliate Marketing Materials:

·         Access to IFN marketing assets.

·         Availability of product introductions, key-value propositions, and unique selling points.

·         Detailed knowledge bases including tutorials and guidelines.

      V.            Commissions and Payment:

·         Commissions are recurring.

·         Commission depends on the customer's first purchase, the tier of the purchased product, and other criteria such as performance, commitments, volume, and quality.

·         Commission is calculated on the amount after deducting the fee and any other discounts or promotions.

    VI.            Affiliate Program Key Points:

·         Commission Limit: One commission per referral.

·         Commission Display: Viewable on your dashboard.

·         Commission Duration: No time limit as long as the referral remains a paying customer.

·         Pending Period: 30 days waiting period for commissions. They can adjust or revoke based on the referral's continuation or cancellation.

·         Payout: Need a Bank account, e-sewa, Khalti, IME linked to the email used for IFN signup.

·         Payout Request:

o   Made via affiliate dashboard.

o   Needs to be submitted before the 24th of each month.

o   Processed once a month in the first week of the following month.

·         Notification: IFN will inform when commission is transferred through Affiliate email.

·         Caveats:

If balance is less than the payout requests due to commission adjustments, the request may be cancelled.

You bear the responsibility for any reversals, chargebacks, and associated liabilities.

·         Deductions: IFN fixed fee on the payout.

  VII.            Cookie Lifetime

·         When someone clicks on your referral link, a tracking cookie is saved in their browser for 45 days.

    IX.            Refunded Purchases

·         Valid referrals earn commissions.

·         If purchase refunded or charged-back, commission isn't paid for that referral.

·         Adjustments are automatic. Refunds lead to deductions from future commissions.

·         Negative balance is possible, but you don't owe them.

      X.            Term and Termination

·         Unrecognizable Profile & Unreliable Business Info: If your profile or business info isn't clear or trustworthy.

·         Inappropriate Websites/Ads: Using sites or ads that involve illegal activities.

·         Self-Referrals & Fraud: Referring yourself or engaging in suspicious transactions.

·         Misleading Ads: Posting false claims, deceptive links, etc.

·         Spamming: Sending mass emails, mass posts, etc. without consent.

·         Undisclosed Affiliation: Not revealing your affiliate connection when promoting.

·         IPR Violations: Using the company's branding without permission.

·         Unapproved Incentives: Offering discounts or promotions not sanctioned by the affiliate program.

·         IFN can end any affiliate account if the agreement is breached or for any other reason.

    XI.            Commission Structure:

·         Upgrade: If a customer moves to a higher-tiered product, you earn more commissions.

·         Downgrade: Even if a customer downgrades their plan, you still get your commission.

  XII.            Promotion Methods:

·         Affiliates with either an existing or growing audience are welcome to promote IFN products.

·         There are certain methods that are not allowed when promoting affiliate links/products to safeguard everyone in the program.

·         Breaking these promotional rules can result in account termination and withholding of final payouts.

·         If unsure about promotional methods, affiliates can reach out to the Partnership Manager for clarity.

XIII.            Do Not:

·         Promote IFN/affiliate links on coupon sites.

·         Use paid advertising for your affiliate link.

·         Misrepresent/modify IFN branding, products, terms, or image.

·         Use the app for personal branding.

·         Offer incentives like sharing your commission.

·         Create/use domains with the "IFN" name.

·         Buy ads via Google AdWords, social ads, etc., using IFN brand keywords.

·         Spread spam (links, ads, emails). Follow third-party site rules.

·         Pretend to be IFN.

·         Clone/copy IFN site, use their copyrighted assets, or act as if you've created an official IFN site. Don't use services that clone sites or place them in I frames.

·         You shouldn't claim that you are endorsed or operated by IFN.

XIV.            Emails:

·         Communication: As an affiliate, you'll get emails from IFN. These emails are for affiliates only and will update you on relevant news and promotions. They might also send surveys or questionnaires about the IFN experience.

·         Time-sensitive Information: You might get time-sensitive info for promotions. Ensure you use it within the specified time frame. They promise not to spam you.

  XV.            Inactive Affiliate accounts

·         Accounts inactive for a year are deleted.

·         IFN promotes active promotion for continued referrals.

XVI.            Significant notes

·         It's a nonlegal agreement.

·         Commissions need approval before payment.

·         It's not a professional/formal relationship.

·         Affiliates aren't IFN employees.

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